Targus' New Mouse Packs Wi-Fi PAN Functionality

If you didn't know any better, you may assume that this mouse is just another in the pile. But that'd be a foolish assumption to make. Targus has just introduced a new Wi-Fi Laser Mouse, and it'll be based on Ozmo's Wi-Fi PAN technology. That's right -- Wi-Fi Personal Area Network tech, in a mouse. The new mice will be based on Ozmo's OZMO2000 solution, which is the industry's first Wi-Fi PAN solution, enabling peripherals to connect directly to a laptop's built-in Wi-Fi receiver. While Bluetooth has made it into just about every machine made in the past five years, it's not nearly as universally supported compared to a protocol like Wi-Fi. So now, with this mouse, you'll never have to worry about a) a USB cable or b) if the PC you're in front of has Bluetooth.

The new Targus Wi-Fi Laser Mouse (AMW58US) offers all the functionality of Targus' other mice, but without the need for wires or wireless receivers. It simply connects using your computer's Wi-Fi connection. The high-precision laser sensor allows for accurate performance on almost any surface. The integrated four-way scroll wheel allows you to scroll horizontally and vertically. The mouse instantly supports Windows® 7 task switching with the touch of one button. The mouse comes equipped with two high-quality Energizer batteries and is designed to provide up to 9 months of battery life depending on usage. The Targus Wi-Fi Laser Mouse will be available in September at an MSRP of $49.99.
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