Taiwan Paper Suggests New MacBook Air, iPad Coming This Year

Is a new MacBook Air on the horizon? Perhaps! The company's slimmest notebook ever hasn't seen a major update in a long, long while, and during that span of time, both AMD and Intel have come out with crafty new high-power, low-drain chips. According to a new report stemming from Taiwan's Economic Daily, those holding out for a new build may not have to hold out too much longer.

The details are extremely thin. The paper only mentions that together with the current version, 460,000 of the Air units were scheduled to ship this month. What really gives us hope here is that this paper is a reliable one, and in turn, Quanta Computer and Catcher Technology both saw their stocks jump on the news. As if a new MacBook Air mention weren't enough, the Daily also stated that the iPad 3 could launch in Q4, with a higher-res display as the highlight feature.

Combine all of those things with an impending iPhone 5 release, and it looks like the year's shaping up to be quite the interesting one for Apple.