Tag Heuer Teases $1,800 Android Wear Smartwatch, Set for November 9th Debut

Is the world ready for a luxury smartwatch running Android Wear, a special version of Android designed specifically for wearables? We'll find out in another 27 days. Come November 9, 2015, Tag Heuer will launch a premium smartwatch driven by Android Wear, and it will have a premium price tag to match.

Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver told CNBC in an interview that his company's forthcoming smartwatch will cost $1,800, which is $400 more than the figure that was making the rounds in previous reports. That's a lot to ask for a wrist accessory, though it's still far cheaper than Apple's top end Watch Edition, which starts at $10,000.

Tag Heuer Countdown Timer

There's a countdown timer on Tag Heuer's website that leads up to the watch's launch next month. If you scroll down, there's an interesting tidbit underneath the social media link that reads, "Developed in partnership with Google and Intel."

Tag Heuer isn't blowing smoke up our backsides, either. If you head to Twitter, both Tag Heuer and Android are promoting the November launch.

In a more recent interview with CNBC, Biver indicated a high level of confidence in his company's ability to compete in the luxury smartwatch market. He also noted there's a "huge problem" with wearables like the Apple Watch Edition that cost more than $2,000.

"Above $2,000, the connected watch has a huge problem. There is no eternity, it means it will become obsolete and who wants to buy a $10,000 to $2,0000 watch that becomes obsolete after 5 or 10 years?," Biver said.

This will be an interesting launch on a number of levels. What we have is a luxury watch maker stepping into a business created by the smartphone industry, and doing it with the help of Google and Intel, a pair of heavyweights in their own right.