T-Mobile's Test Drive Program Gets A Clever eSIM Upgrade For Free 30-Day Network Trials

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T-Mobile's "Test Drive" program just received a sweet upgrade for people that want a hassle-free way to test drive its burgeoning 5G network. The long-running Test Drive program allowed you to obtain a physical SIM to sample its network for free for up to 30 days. Now, Test Drive leverages eSIM technology, making it even easier to hop onto T-Mobile's network.

Thanks to eSIM tech, taking a Test Drive is as simple as downloading the T-Mobile Network Test Drive app and installing it on your supported device. In this case, the app is currently only supported on unlocked Apple iPhones (iPhone XS or newer) running iOS 14.5 or higher. Current T-Mobile/Sprint/Metro customers are not eligible for the offer, and you must wait six months if you've previously participated in the Test Drive program.

"T-Mobile Network Test Drive offers you up to 30 days or 30GB of high-speed data along with unlimited talk and text for free, all while keeping your current carrier and phone number," T-Mobile explains. "This gives you the ability to try our network on your iPhone, risk-free."

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This is pretty much the best of both worlds, as you don't have to worry about switching phones numbers or ditching your current carrier. You'll instead be relying on T-Mobile solely for your cellular data connectivity. Given that T-Mobile's Test Drive is free, we don't see what the harm would be in at least getting 30GB of data to play around with for a month.

At the minimum, T-Mobile's Test Drive offer gives you access to T-Mobile's nationwide 4G LTE network. However, if you have an iPhone 12 device, you'll get immediate access to T-Mobile's growing 5G network (available on both sub-6GHz and mmWave bands).

We must say, this is a clever use of eSIM technology, which many iPhone users likely don't even know that their device supports. ESIM was introduced to allow smartphone users to swap from one carrier to another quickly without need to mess with physical SIMs. However, most wireless carriers have been reticent to adopting this practice, as making it easy for customers to switch to a competitor isn't exactly in their best interests. You can download the T-Mobile Network Test Drive app right now from the App Store.