T-Mobile's John Legere: Buy An iPhone 6 Now, Get Free Upgrade To iPhone 6S This Year

With as fast as new smartphones come out, it's a scary proposition to consider purchasing the latest and greatest months after its launch. After all, it's not as though prices immediately begin to go into a decline; they stay locked in right up to the launch of the next model. T-Mobile understands what this frustration can feel like, so it's offering iPhone fans one sweet deal.

John Legere

Via a humorous and straight-forward YouTube video, T-Mobile CEO John Legere tells us why his company's latest deal is worth paying attention to, and he's got a good point. It's no secret that a new iPhone is en route, so his company is updating its JUMP On Demand program to include it. If you are a current member of the program, you're already included, but if you go and purchase a current iPhone 6 between now and labor day through it, you'll be able to upgrade to the 6S (or whatever it shall be called) while retaining that locked-in $15/mo fee.

If you're a music fan that's trying out Apple Music, the perks get even better: Apple Music is now included in the company's Music Freedom effort, meaning that no data used for music will be used against your available data. Legere notes that about 30 streaming services are now part of Music Freedom, so it's no surprise to see Apple Music joining the ranks.

Overall, some great news for T-Mo / iPhone fans. In the video, Legere makes a lot of blunt comments towards is competition, so I guess an added perk for those not interested in this deal is just knowing how much this competition cringes anytime Legere opens his mouth.