T-Mobile’s John Legere Already Mocking Verizon’s New Logo To Promote ‘Uncarrier’ Initiatives

Perhaps it says something about my smart aleck personality, but I continue to enjoy T-Mobile CEO John Legere's antics. Admittedly his brand of humor is an acquired taste, one that's detestable if you're on the receiving end, as evidenced by a Twitter spat between Legere and Sprint boss Marcelo Claure.earlier this summer. But it isn't Sprint that Legere is targeting, not today anyway, but Verizon and it's new logo.

Verizon introduced its new logo on Wednesday. It's a simple logo -- Verizon's name with a red checkmark at the end -- and it's supposed to represent a "revitalized purpose of delivering the promise of a digital world." There's plenty of other hyperbole to go along with the simplified logo, but to the point, Verizon is pretty stoked about it.

Verizon Checklist

Not letting an opportunity for ridicule go by, Legere posted a photo on Twitter (shown above) of a checklist mocking Verizon and what it's new logo stands for. Screws over customers? Check. Data overage penalties? Check. Keeps all your used data, no early upgrade options, and hefty fees for international roaming? Check, check, and check.

Verizon CEO Lowell C. McAdam didn't fly off the handle the like Claure did (not yet, anyway), though the company's support arm didn't shy away from participating in the ensuing discussion on Twitter and posting links to help users make the switch.

Love him or hate him, Legere deserves credit for shaking the mobile industry up. He's also been successful in taking T-Mobile from fourth place to third among the top wireless carriers in the U.S.