Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure Fed Up With T-Mobile's 'Uncarrier Bulls**t'

It was pretty much a given that an Internet fight would eventually break out between T-Mobile's outspoken CEO John Legere and whoever would be the first to get fed up with his inflammatory comments. The lucky 'winner' ended up being Sprint boss Marcelo Claure, who ripped off a series of Twitter posts blasting Legere and his "uncarrier bulls**t."

The tiff seemingly started when Legere posted a condescending tweet about Sprint's new 
All-In unlimited plan followed by the hashtag #SprintLikeHell. He wrote, "I give credit to Sprint for swinging the bat when they do -- but All-In is a swing and a miss guys!!."

Apparently that was the tweet that broke the wireless carriers bat. Claure could have done one of two things here --he could have taken the tweet in stride and chalked up it as Legere being Legere, or he could turn into the Internet's equivalent of the Incredible Hulk and get sucked into a flame war. He chose door number two.

Claure and Legere

"I am so tired of your Uncarrier bulls**t when you are worse than the other two carriers together," Claure stated in the first of four Twitter responses. "Your cheap misleading lease imitation is a joke. You trick people to believe that they have a 15 dollar iPhone lease payment when it's not true. You tell them they can upgrade up to three times but you don't tell them the price goes up to 27 dollars when they do. You say one thing but behave completely different. It's all a fake show. So it's really #TMobileLikeHell."

Oh snap! This could turn ugly in a hurry, and some would argue that it already has -- nobody really wins when there's an Internet fight. Who's to blame? That depends on how far back you want to go. Looking at the above tweets, Legere fired off the first shot, though to be fair, an advertisement for Sprint's All-In plan featured former pro soccer player David Beckham visiting all four major wireless carriers and finding fault with all but Sprint. Claure also chose to highlight Beckham's visit to T-Mobile in a Twitter post this past Tuesday.

Regardless of who started it, this isn't likely to reflect well on either company. This can already be seen in some of the Twitter responses.

"T-Mobile and their CEO is a joke. He looks like a used car salesman. Coverage is trash. #SprinForLife," one user wrote.

"And you [Claure] sneaked in 600kbps video throttles, took away iPhone for life, took away international texts. What's YOUR point?," another user wrote.

It is what it is, and if you like this sort of thing, then grab yourself a bag of popcorn and enjoy what's likely to be an ongoing show.