T-Mobile Launches TVision $90/Month Home Streaming TV Service With No BS

Hidden fees, inconsistent pricing, abysmal customer service, and limited content have all become hallmarks of the satellite television providers. T-Mobile hopes to change this and is reportedly “one step closer to taking on Big Cable later this year”. T-Mobile plans to launch its own cable television solution, TVision Home. 

TVision Home is “an upgraded, rebranded version of Layer3 TV”, which T-Mobile acquired in 2017. Layer3 TV was an internet-based TV platform and it offered 275 HD channels, DVR support with the ability to record 8 shows at once, and access to over 25,000 on demand titles.

tmobile tvision home

TVision Home will offer more than 150 channels, 35,000 On Demand movies, and 4K content for compatible devices. Users will be able to view social media content through Facebook and Twitter, access additional content through apps from Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Pandora, and voice control TVision with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Users will also be able to watch television on any compatible device-- they will not be restricted to a traditional television set.

Users will also be able to set up a personalized profile for each family member. TVision Home includes a “AI-driven personalized UI” that will learn about what a user watches and when and where they watch it. It will the suggest content based off of a user’s past location and viewing time preferences.

TVision Home will initially launch with a cable box that connects to your router via Ethernet. This cable box will include 1TB of storage and users will be able to record over 400 hours of DVR in HD. The company also plans to soon launch TVision on third-party platforms. Users will be able to download an app and pick from mobile and home subscriptions some time in the future.

TVision Home will be $99.99 USD a month or $90 USD for existing T-Mobile customers. This pricing does not include taxes, which may constitute up to 20% of a user’s bill. Premium TV packages like HBO or on-demand rentals will cost more. T-Mobile promises to pay the cancellation fees (up to $500 via a prepaid card) of Dish and DirecTV customers that switch over to TVision Home.

tmobile tvision cable box

T-Mobile promises that there will be no hidden fees or price increases. Let’s hope that the company is able to maintain this promise. Competitors such as AT&T were unable to uphold similar promises now face several class-action lawsuits.

TVision Home will initially be available in Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington DC metro areas, and Longmont, Colorado on April 14th. TVision Home will be available in other markets later this year.