T-Mobile Spreads Holiday Cheer To AT&T Switchers With Free iPhone Storage Upgrades

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Last week, T-Mobile offered a special promotion to “beleaguered” Sprint customers that were looking to make a switch. Today, T-Mobile is opening its doors to AT&T customers with a healthy dose of holiday cheer.

With last week’s Sprint offer, T-Mobile gave switchers a $200 credit per line. The AT&T offer is also worth $200, however, that money is put towards a memory upgrade on a brand new Apple iPhone 6s. In other words, AT&T folks that make the leap over to Team Magenta can get an 128GB iPhone 6s for the same price as a 16GB iPhone 6s.

Apparently, this offer is only relevant to AT&T customers that wish to purchase an iPhone 6s through T-Mobile. If you’re an AT&T customer that has a desire to pick up a Samsung Galaxy S6 or perhaps an LG G4 on a new T-Mobile line, this promotion won’t be appealing to you at all.

iPhone6s Rose Gold

T-Mobile will also give AT&T customers a 50% discount (up to $125) on mobile accessories including smartwatch, headphones and Bluetooth speakers. However, in order to take advantage of this offer, you’ll have to hop on T-Mobile’s interest free equipment installment plan, which is available for any accessory priced $75 or higher.

“I can already hear AT&T customers asking ‘What’s the catch?’ And I don’t blame them—because with AT&T there’s always a catch,” said T-Mobile CEO John Legere. “But that’s not us. And this is our way of showing long-suffering AT&T customers exactly how the Un-carrier gives you more without asking more from you.”

In addition to the holiday cheer that T-Mobile is spreading, Legere points out that the wireless carrier will also over any early termination fees and remaining balance on your current smartphone up to $650.