T-Mobile Snags Apple Music And Over A Dozen More Providers For Binge On Unlimited Streaming

If you like to binge watch TV, Binge On might be the product for you. T-Mobile just snagged ABC, Apple Music, Disney, DISH Anywhere, Fox Now, Nat Geo TV, and now includes more than one hundred other streaming services. 

What is Binge On? Binge On debuted in 2015 as part of T-Mobile’s Un-carrier initiative. The 2013 Un-carrier campaign introduced a streamlined plan structure that dropped contracts, subsidized phones, overage fees for data, and early termination fees. Binge On was a continuation of the goal to kill unnecessary fees. T-Mobile customers on certain Simple Choice plans can stream unlimited video without using any data.

tmobile binge on

The company has more than quadrupled the number of available channels for Un-carrier customers in the last eight months. T-mobile customers have already streamed over 765 million hours of video since the launch of Binge On.

Small companies in particular are happy to be able to collaborate directly with T-Mobile. For example, Kate Yoon, Marketing Engineer of OnDemandKorea, stated, “Our T-Mobile streamers are now spending double the amount of time across our platforms since we implemented Binge On. More time means more opportunity to bring the seamless Korean streaming experience right into the mobile world!”

tmobile binge on video

It is important to note that there are some restrictions to the feature. Binge On video streams at “DVD-quality” or 480p or better. Users can disable Binge On at any time, however, they will lose all of the benefits of the feature. There may also be third-party or provider subscriptions and content changes to contend with.