T-Mobile USA Expands Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data to No-Annual-Contract Customers

T-Mobile USA is making a serious charge, and it's doing so by doing something novel: just being different. Of the four major carriers in the U.S., T-Mobile is the only one ushering in new plans that buck the trend of carrier subsidies and major limits on usage. This week, the operator decided to expand its unlimited nationwide 4G data to no-annual-contract customers. In other words, its Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan will be available with no annual contract starting right now. The company's CEO had some bold words regarding the new move, and more importantly, its rivals.

“As the ‘Uncarrier,’ we’re doing the unthinkable,” said John Legere, president and chief executive officer of T-Mobile USA. “We’re directly confronting the frustrations of American consumers fed up with the cost, complexity and congested networks of our competitors. Our Unlimited 4G Data plan means 4G speeds, no caps and no overages on a smoking-fast, nationwide, 4G network. What this means is simply that T-Mobile customers are going to be able to enjoy everything a 4G smartphone is actually designed to do without limits and without a term contract.”

Since its introduction in September, T-Mobile’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan is by far the most popular plan choice among T-Mobile customers. In fact, nearly half (46 percent) of new customers opted for the new data plan in December 2012.

Beginning Jan. 9, T-Mobile’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan will be available with no annual contract for $70 per month online at www.t-mobile.com, at T-Mobile retail stores or through select dealers and national retail stores. To kick off the Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan with no annual contract, T-Mobile will have a new offer on one of its latest smartphones. Starting Jan. 9, the LG Optimus L9 will be available for $199.99 with no annual contract.