T-Mobile Offers Enhanced Nest Secure And Nest Cam Bundle With Cellular Backup

Nest Secure

T-Mobile is trying a new tactic to win over customers, and it does not revolve around snarky Twitter posts this time (you gotta love T-Mobile boss John Legere, right?). The wireless carrier is hoping to attract customers by getting into the connected home security game. It has partnered with Google to offer a Nest security pack, launching tomorrow at T-Mobile stores across the nation, with a monthly fee.

For $240 down and $10 per month for 24 months on T-Mobiles Equipment Installment Plan (total comes to $480), customers who opt for the Nest security bundle receive the necessary hardware, including the Nest Guard base with keypad, motion detector, alarm, and alarm; two Nest Detect motion and open/close sensors;, and two Nest Tags key fobs. It is the exact same hardware that comes with Nest's $499 bundle, only a little less expensive with the cost spread out over two years. On top of that, T-Mobile throws in a Nest Cam indoor security camera, which itself is a $199 value.

Nest Security

T-Mobile's bundle is a better deal, though it also requires an additional $10 per month fee (after a $5 bill credit) for cellular backup and Nest Aware service. However, that is not so bad either—Nest Aware is a $10 service by itself, while T-Mobile's cellular backup plan typically runs $5 per month. So for customers who are interested in both, the $10 monthly fee is a good value.

"It’s no wonder Nest chose the Un-carrier as the cellular backup provider for their new home security products," said Mike Sievert, Chief Operating Officer for T-Mobile. "With truly unlimited data and nationwide coverage that goes toe to toe with the Duopoly, T-Mobile has America’s best unlimited network hands down."

The Nest Security alarm system is designed to always be running. It has a built-in battery backup in case the power goes out, and T-Mobile cellular backup, so it continues to be effective even if Wi-Fi is down as well.

"At Nest, we believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to feeling safe," said Tom vonReichbauer, Chief Business Officer at Nest. "So we designed Nest Secure to be modular and remain on guard to give people the confidence and peace of mind that it will always be working, even if there’s a power or Wi-Fi outage. With its reliable and continuously expanding LTE footprint, T-Mobile provides that critical cellular backup connection."

The Nest security pack will be available starting November 10.