Nest Expands Home Security Portfolio With Wireless Alarm System And Smart Doorbell

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If you have a normal security system at your home or office, you know what a hassle they can sometimes be. If you are the sort who never seems to remember the passcode or feels rushed when you arm the system and then have only 30 seconds or so to get out, you know a normal security system isn't ideal. Nest has a new home security product called Nest Secure that wants to make home security easy and convenient for families.

Nest Secure is an alarm system that has three different parts to it including the Nest Guard, Nest Detect, and Nest Tag. Guard is the all-in-one security base with an alarm, keypad, motion sensors and has the ability to speak to you in a friendly voice. Nest Detect is the sensor for the system that is able to detect both motion and open close movement in one device. Detect needs no wires to be run and is powered by a battery.

If you place Detect on a Window, it will monitor if it is opened or closed. Place it on a wall and it will detect motion, place it on a door and it does both. The Nest Tag is a little fob that attaches to keys and can arm and disarm the system with a tap. This is perfect for kids who might be home alone and may not remember the code. The Nest Guard can also be armed and disarmed via an app on your smartphone from anywhere and via a passcode if you want.

Nest wrote, "When we looked at the home security market, we saw a similar landscape to when we entered the thermostat market," said Matt Rogers, Nest’s founder and chief product officer. "Just as people tend not to use programmable thermostats because of their complexity, the current home security offerings are also a huge pain to live with – whether it’s bulky hardware, false alarms or loud and stressful countdowns. That’s why 43 percent of people with alarm systems don’t ever arm them. We set out to design a product that isn’t just effective during a security incident, but is delightful and easy to use when people are at home with their families, living their lives, which is the vast majority of the time."

One of the cool things about Nest Secure is that the app on your device will give you notifications if you forget to arm the system and then you can arm it from anywhere. Each of the Nest Detect sensors can also be bypassed if you need to open a door by pressing them, preventing you from setting off the alarm. The sensors also have a Dog Pass that will keep the sensors from being set off by small pets.

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Nest Guard does need WiFi to operate and can work with an optional backup cellular service as well. Nest Secure is up for pre-order now for $499 and includes the Guard, two Nest Detects, and two Nest Tags; shipping starts in November. 

That Nest Hello video doorbell is another new product from Nest, and is the company's first video doorbell. The Hello has a HD camera inside that promises bright and crisp images in the day or night. It has the ability to alert you that someone is at your door, even if that person doesn't ring the bell. It als features HD Talk & Listen so you can carry on conversations with people at the door. Nest Hello will launch in early 2018.

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The Nest Cam IQ outdoor is another new product. This is a security camera meant to be mounted outside a home or office. The camera can detect a person up to 50 feet away and alert you with a photos of who has been seen. Nest Aware support allows the camera to recognize a familiar face. The camera has 12x digital zoom and has algorithms that will zoom in and automatically follow the person. During the day it supports HDR, while it has IR LEDS for night filming along. Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is up for pre-order now for $349 and will ship in November. 

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