T-Mobile Is Offering $500 Off The Galaxy S20 5G Family Of Smartphones

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The first thing that anyone wanting a new smartphone looks for is deals and discounts. No one wants to pay full price for phones as expensive as flagship devices are these days. The good news is most flagship smartphones are available at various carriers with discounts. Samsung's Galaxy S20 5G smartphone family (our full GS20 Ultra review) is discounted at several retailers, including T-Mobile.

T-Mobile has announced that it is giving discounts of up to $500 on the Galaxy S20 5G line, including the Galaxy S20 5G, S20 5G+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G when customers switch carriers. The rules to qualify for the $500 discount are straightforward and include joining T-Mobile with an eligible plan and purchasing the new Galaxy S20 5G using monthly installments. Only new customers qualify for the discount.

Customers will receive 24 monthly bill credits totaling $500 applied within one to two billing cycles after purchase. That means you'll pay more for the first couple of months. As with most promotional deals of this type, users who cancel the wireless service early will lose their remaining credit installments, and the balance on the finance agreement will be due at cancellation. Buyers do have to pay tax on the device at the time of purchase.

T-Mobile shows the basic Galaxy S20 5G is eligible for 50% off the retail price for users who switch. However, the fine print for the deal notes buyers will still get 24 monthly bill credits totaling $500. Those interested in changing to T-Mobile can also get 50% off the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Samsung Galaxy S10. T-Mobile also offers $500 off on the Galaxy Note 10+ and the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. You can hit the T-Mo page here for more details.

Regardless, anyone considering the Galaxy S20 Ultra should also keep in mind that Samsung has had its share of issues with the device, including cracks in the rear camera bump.