T-Mobile Expands $50 4G LTE Home Internet To 130 Additional Cities, 5G Coming In 2021

t mobile home internet
As we've seen with the excitement surrounding SpaceX's Starlink service, there are a lot of people around the United States that simply don't have access to high-speed broadband. For those that don't have access to cable or fiber connections, they often have to make do with inferior DSL or satellite internet providers.

T-Mobile is out to lend a helping hand with its 4G LTE-based Home Internet service, which is continuing to expand to rural areas around the country that are typically underserved by "Big Cable". According to T-Mobile, only 63 percent of households across the rural U.S. have access to high-speed internet connectivity, which is why it decided to start the pilot version of its Home Internet service.

Today, T-Mobile announced that the pilot has expanded to include an additional 130 cities and towns in states like Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. According to the wireless carrier, traditional internet service providers don’t have the financial motivation to build out their networks to reach rural customers, so Americans' have suffered as a result. However, with T-Mobile's Home Internet, it has a cost-effective method for delivering high-speed internet without needing to run cable/fiber to homes that are far away from metropolitan areas.

“We’ve already brought T-Mobile Home Internet access to millions of customers who have been underserved by the competition," said Dow Draper, T-Mobile EVP, Emerging Products. "But we’re just getting started. As we’ve seen in our first few months together with Sprint, our combined network will continue to unlock benefits for our customers.”

At this time, T-Mobile Home Internet doesn't hit customers with data caps and there are no annual service contracts. You also won't have to deal with installation, sign-up, or rental fees. And since you can install the hardware necessary to get you up and running by yourself, you don't have to worry about scheduling a time for a technician to come out during their customary 3-hour "windows", only to miss it completely (which happens all too often in the cable industry). Perhaps best of all, T-Mobile Home Internet is priced at $50 a month including all necessary taxes and fees.

While Home Internet is currently just in the pilot phase, T-Mobile says that it will be expanding the service with 5G connectivity options in 2021. You can see a list of what cities currently support T-Mobile Home Internet right here.