T-Mobile DIGITS Unchains Your Phone Numbers And Brings Multi-Device Freedom May 31

John Legere
T-Mobile’s Digits program has been in beta since late last year, but the third-place U.S. wireless carrier is now ready to bring the functionality to all of its customers. According to T-Mobile, Digits “breaks the phone number free from phone” and will be available starting May 31st.

Digits is in essence virtualizes a customer’s phone number, allowing it to be used with multiple devices. Your phone number is no longer tied to a device or SIM — instead, it’s easily transportable for use on another smartphone, tablet, or even PC. In fact, you could use Digits with a smartphone that is currently serviced by competing wireless carriers like AT&T and Verizon Wireless.


You will be able to make phone calls and texts from any device, and it will appear as if it originated from your dedicated T-Mobile phone number. In practice, this sounds a lot like Google Voice, which has been around for quite some time.

This functionality is supported across apps for Android and iOS, and via a web interface for your PC or Mac. T-Mobile also boasts native integration with Samsung Galaxy devices.

“We’re ending that awkward Two-Phone-Juggle,” said Chief Operating Officer Mike Sievert. “With DIGITS, you don’t have to carry two phones to have two numbers. Now, you can use more than one DIGITS line on the same smartphone—for business, for life, for anything you need. That’s going to save a lot of people a lot of juggling and a lot of money.”

If you want, you can purchase an additional Digits number for an additional $10 per month. And as an added perk, T-Mobile One Plus customers will get an extra Digits line at no additional charge.