T-Mobile's New Magenta MAX Plan Delivers True Unlimited 5G Without Throttling

tmobile ceo
After years of being pigeonholed into data plans that forced us to pick "buckets" of data each month (a la, 4GB, 8GB, 10GB plans), U.S. wireless carriers have for the most part reverted to offering at least a few different unlimited data plans (thanks to prodding by T-Mobile). This is the case for both 4G LTE and 5G data plans, with one big caveat. All of them say "unlimited" but will throttle your speeds significantly after passing a certain usage threshold (i.e., 20GB or 50GB).

T-Mobile is looking to shake up the industry again with the introduction of what it's calling Magenta MAX with truly unlimited 4G LTE and 5G data. In other words, you will not experience any slowdowns due to crossing some made-up threshold. With Magenta MAX, you will get unlimited calls/text/data for your smartphone, and up to 40GB of mobile hotspot data. T-Mobile is also dropping the barriers with respect to video streaming, as you'll have uncapped 4K UHD streams available over your cellular connection.

And given that this is T-Mobile that we're talking about, there are other bonuses thrown in as well. If you have just a single line, you'll get a Netflix Basic subscription for free, while family plans will see that perk bumped up to Netflix Standard. T-Mobile's Scam Shield Premium call screening service is included, and you'll get unlimited texting and Wi-Fi on commercial flights equipped with GoGo internet service.

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“We just joined forces with Sprint, and we’re already America’s 5G coverage and speed leader. Magenta MAX is just a first taste of what our network capacity allows us to do!” said T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert. “When you’re a heavy data user with a super-fast 5G smartphone, you don’t want to be hit with speed bumps. It’s like having a Ferrari and being forced to drive it in the school zone.

T-Mobile is offering Magenta MAX for $57/line for up to three lines if you select autopay (taxes/fees included). However, T-Mobile is dropping that price down to $47/month for a limited time.

In addition to Magenta MAX, T-Mobile has also made some modifications to its standard Magenta plan, doubling the amount of Premium Data from 50GB to 100GB. In addition, the mobile hotspot data allotment has been increased from 3GB to 5GB. The Magenta plan has some other downgrades (compared to Magenta MAX) as well by limiting customers to SD streaming, Netflix Basic (with no upgrade to Netflix Standard even with a family plan), basic Scam Shield protection, and just one hour of unlimited texting/Wi-Fi on GoGo-enabled flights. Magenta will cost you $47 a month for up to three lines, or $40 during T-Mobile's limited-time promotion.

T-Mobile says that both Magenta and Magenta MAX plans are available to new and existing customers starting Wednesday (2/24).