Symantec Says There's No Safe Browser

The hunt for a safe and secure browser has long been the focus of computer users due to the rapid increase in cyber crime.  Due to its popularity, Internet Explorer long became the focus of attacks.  This gave rise to alternate browsers such as Opera and Firefox.  These alternate browsers rapidly increased in popularity and maintained a relatively positive record for deterring would be cyber criminals. Apparently, that has now changed.   Symantec is now reporting that there is truly no "safe" browser free from exploits and holes.

While Internet Explorer remains the most frequently targeted browser, accounting for 47 percent of all attacks, in the first six months of this year more vulnerabilities have appeared in Mozilla Firefox than within IE. 47 flaws were discovered in Firefox, compared with 38 for IE.

I tend to agree with Symantec's assessment of the situation.  The simple fact of the matter is, as soon as a "safe" browser is released, there will be someone there to hack it.  Hop on over to BetaNews for the rest of the story.