Swype Keyboard Tech Coming To iOS Devices?

Many Android users are already familiar with Swype, a replacement keyboard by Nuance that allows users to input words and faster and easier by using one continuous motion rather than tapping out each character. There's a bit of learning curve involved, but once mastered, you can hammer out lengthy messages with little effort. Unfortunately for Apple users, Swype isn't available on iOS, at least not yet.

Aaron Sheed, vice president of Swype at Nuance, participated in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) in which he revealed that Swype for iOS has at least been talked about with Apple.

"Hah. The million (okay billion) dollar question. Yes, we have chatted with [Apple], they are very smart and nice," Sheed said in response to a question asking if there had ever been any conversations with Apple about licensing Nuance's technology.

It should be noted that a relationship between the two parties already exists. Nuance provides voice recognition technology that Apple uses in Siri, and while Sheed's comments are far removed from a confirmation, it seems only logical that Apple would at least explore the idea of integrating Swype into a future version of iOS.