Wild Hinged Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Spied In Patent Filing

Nintendo has filed a patent that turned up in a patent database in Japan, for new Joy-Con controllers that might make it much more comfortable to game on the go or at home. The new controllers are hinged, and the front section can fold down to make the typically flat controllers more ergonomic and comfortable to grip and control.

hinged switch controller pair

The patent art shows controllers where the left side folds below the thumbstick in the top section, and the right side folds just below the buttons. The patent indicates that the controller could be folded that way when attached to the Switch console or when removed.

hinged switch controller connected

It appears that about three-fourths of the folding section moves while the other fourth of the section is rigid, allowing the controller to connect to the sides of the console easily. It looks as if the new controller design would be more comfortable to hold, but we aren't sure gamers are necessarily asking for a new Joy-Con from Nintendo. As with all patents, just because Nintendo filed this doesn't mean the controllers will actually come to market.

hinged switch controller hand

It's not clear what sort of hinge technology the controller would use and how well it would lock into place. It would be unfortunate if the movable sections were too easily moved while gaming. Nintendo has been busy over the last few months. It announced this week that the first 20 SNES games were available to play on the Switch.

However, gamers wanting to enjoy those classic games need a Switch Online membership. Nintendo also released an updated version of the Switch console that brought with it longer battery life and a bit better performance, for more playtime on the go. Some users who had purchased an old Switch console not long before the hardware update were thankfully able to get free exchanges from Nintendo.