SwiftKey’s Clarity Keyboard Improves Productivity, Can Autocorrect Whole Sentences

I love my mobile phone, but one thing that drives me nuts is having to tap out a message to someone. If my connection is good, I always go the voice-to-text route, but sometimes, that likes to conk out. It's at that point that I will swipe a message out - something else that drives me a bit nuts, as it doesn't always get the sentence correct (and, as a Grammar Nazi, I have no choice but to go back and correct it manually).

It kind of sounds like SwiftKey's latest product is right up my alley. Currently in beta, Clarity is a new swipe keyboard that changes some of the rules. At the forefront, it can retroactively correct mistakes after a sentence is completed, in case its original guess as to which word you wanted was incorrect. This would be useful in instances where you might have wanted to say "it's" but the app guessed "its".

SwiftKey Clarity

That's not the only trick Clarity has. Another nice one (and typical of the built-in Android keyboard, if my memory serves correctly), is that if the interpreter changes a word or string of words you didn't make a mistake on, you can simply hit backspace to put it back how it was. An example would be "whatityped", which I believe is a common phrase for those who want to prove that they don't need no stinkin' spaces.

Ever want to type something out in ALL CAPITALS? That's when you usually have to take a break from the swiping, and either hold the shift key down to lock it, or tap it before each letter. With Clarity, you can instead tap your first letter, then drag over to the shift key to have it lock the caps-lock on for that word. Another useful feature for those who can use it is the ability to swipe from the symbols key right on up to the symbol you need.

As mentioned before, Clarity is currently in beta, and its user ratings definitely reflect that. While some find it extremely reliable, others do not, so if you want to take it for a spin, don't forget that it is a true beta. Another thing to note: the beta is currently only available for Android users.