Check Out These Sweet PS5 Gaming Deals And An Unbeatable Quest 2 VR Bundle

Retail box for Meta's Quest 2 VR bundle with Resident Evil 4.
You can take your chances that the big guy in a red suit will shimmy down your chimney and bring you what you want this year, or that friends and family members will come through with more than a fruit cake. Or you can take matters into your hands and treat yourself to one more holiday bargains. We've been rounding up deals left and right this week, and for this one we're focusing on PlayStation 5 games and accessories, plus a Quest 2 VR bundle that negates Meta's recent price hike.

Starting with the latter, you can score the Quest 2 VR (128GB) with Resident Evil 4 and Beat Sabre both included for $349.99 at Best Buy. You can find the same bundle on Amazon, though at the time of this writing it's out of stock.

You may recall that Meta jacked up the MSRPs on the Quest 2 128GB ($399.99) and 256GB ($499.99) by $100 each this past summer. That's a bummer, but this deal shaves $50 off the revised MSRP, while adding two games into the mix. You're still paying more than the original MSRP, but with the two games tossed into the mix, you're coming out ahead. As a bonus, this bundle deal arrives just as Meta has given the keys to developers to overclock the Quest 2's GPU for better performance.

Shifting over to the PS5, you can find a bunch of games and accessories on sale right now, including the DualSense wireless controller—it's marked down to $49.99 at Amazon. We're showing the black color option above, but you can also grab the Cosmic Red variant for $49 on the nose, which is $25.99 below its regular price.

Speaking from experience, the DualSense is an awesome controller. It's comfortable in the hand, the haptic feedback works great, it sports adaptive triggers, and a dedicated Create button makes it easy to capture and broadcast your gaming successes (or fails, whatever the case might be).

Now is a great time to stock up on games for your PS5 too, because a whole bunch of them are marked down for the holidays. That even includes Sonic Frontiers, which hasn't even been on the market for two months—it's available for $39.99 at Amazon ($20 off).

This is actually the top-selling PS5 game on Amazon. Sega's latest entry in the long-running Sonic the Hedgehog franchise sees the iconic character scurry his way through Starfall Islands, the first open-world design to don a Sonic game. In that sense, its something new to the franchise while still tapping into the elements that has made it so popular throughout the years, such as running at high speeds, collecting rings, and contending with an assortment of enemies.

Here are some more PS5 games and accessories that are on sale, plus a couple of highly anticipated games that are up for preorder...
Happy holidays folks, and happy gaming!