Microsoft Reportedly Launching Larger Surface Laptop 3 Next Month

Microsoft has an event set for early next month where new Surface hardware is expected to launch. Among the new devices we expect are a refreshed Surface Pro and potentially a dual-screen device. A new rumor making the rounds claims that the early October event will see the launch of a larger Surface Laptop 3.

surface laptop 2 back

The rumor suggests that Microsoft will be launching a 15-inch Surface Laptop 3 to slot into the line with the current 13.5-inch machine. The larger Surface Laptop 3 will maintain the 3:2 aspect ratio that the current device has and reportedly keep the pen support. The specifications of the device are a mystery aside from the larger screen.

Some are hoping that with the larger screen device, Microsoft will cram in more powerful hardware. A larger Surface Laptop 3 with a discrete graphics card and higher-end CPU would be welcome by those needing to do more demanding work on the go with a stylish machine like the Surface Laptop 3. Microsoft already has the Surface Book 2 with beefier hardware than the Surface Laptop offers; rumors have suggested that there will be no update to that device this year.

If that rumor is true, the reason the Book 2 may not get an update could be because of the beefier hardware inside of the Surface Laptop 3. There have been rumors floating around that suggests that AMD hardware will make its way inside the Surface Laptop.

Microsoft's Surface hardware event is set for October 2