Microsoft's Dual-Screen Preview SDK For Surface Duo Teased On Video

surface duo screen

Microsoft has unveiled an SDK that is for dual-screen devices, like the upcoming Surface Duo. The SDK is meant to allow devs to start getting their apps and software ready for the dual-screen devices that will be launching down the road. While the SDK for the Microsoft Surface Duo is available now, the preview SDK for Windows 10X will launch "in the coming weeks."

Microsoft has also announced new web standards proposals that will enable dual-screen experiences for websites and PWAs on Android and Windows 10X. The new standards that the software giant is proposing will provide developers with the capabilities and tools needed to develop for dual-screen devices. The preview SDK for the Surface Duo, which was announced back in October, is available for download now.

surface duo win

The preview SDK includes native Java APIs to support dual-screen development for the Surface Duo. It includes the DisplayMask API, Hinge Angle Sensor, and new device capabilities. An Android emulator is included with a preview Surface Duo image integrated into Android Studio. This SDK allows users to test their app without a physical device.

The emulator supports postures, gestures, hinge angle, mimics the seam between the two screens, and more. Additional functions will be added over time. Devs will need Android Studio and Android Emulator for the preview SDK to work.

An early look at Windows 10X is coming, and devs will be given access to a pre-release version of the Windows SDK via standard Insider builds. The Microsoft Emulator is expected to be available on February 11, along with new APIs for dual-screen support, documentation, and code samples. Native Windows APIs will support dual-screen development allowing devs to span two screens, detect hinge position, and take advantage of Windows 10X.

Microsoft emulator is a dual-screen Hyper-V emulator that allows users to deploy the existing UWP and Win32 apps to test in single and dual-screen scenarios. The new web standards that Microsoft is talking about include CSS primitives for dual-screen layouts and a JavaScript Window Segments Enumeration API. Microsoft has published dual-screen polyfills, including a JavaScript Window Segments enumeration polyfill and CSS spanning media feature polyfill. See the full documentation of Microsoft's preview here.