Supposed Pre-Release iPhone 5 Photos Leak Online

Rumor has it that Apple's next generation iPhone model -- presumably the iPhone 5, or 'new iPhone,' if borrowing a page from the iPad -- will sport a larger screen than the 3.5-inch display that's been a staple of every model to date. What isn't known is exactly how big the new screen will be and what the remodeled device will look like. We still don't know the former, but if recently leaked photos turn out to be the real deal, we now have an idea about the latter.

Photos of what are supposed to be a pre-release test sample are making the rounds in cyberspace, and they depict what's essentially a longer version of the iPhone 4S. The screen is indeed bigger, but from a design standpoint, the iPhone 5 looks mostly the same, albeit a little darker on the sides and thinner overall.

One thing that's decidedly different is the dock connector, one that's smaller than before and would render the iPhone 5 incompatible with previous iPhone accessories, at least without an adapter.