Supply Sources Indicate Apple To Release Two New iPhones in Q3 2013

The Apple rumor mill is at full bore today, and the latest rumor surrounds Apple’s upcoming iPhones. According to Digitimes, industry sources in the supply chain (from Taiwan) indicate that a pair of new Apple phones are in the offing for 2013.

Apple has reportedly told its supply chain partners to prepare for about 20 million units a month. One of the handsets will be a version of the iPhone 5 (likely the iPhone 5S), and the other will be a lower-cost model that more closely resembles the iPhone 4S in terms of hardware, although its display and processor will be less impressive. The handsets should start shipping around the end of June.

iPhone 5

Neither of these phones is a surprise, as a tweener “S” version of the iPhone 5 was expected before the launch of the next iPhone (presumably called the iPhone 6) and a cheaper handset has been rumored for a very long time. In fact, rumors about both have cropped up several times in recent months.

In response to the news of new iPhones, Digitimes says that Samsung is prepping a lower-spec’d model of the Galaxy S4 set for release in Q3 2013.