Supplies Of Windows 7 Family Pack Start Running Short

When Microsoft earlier confirmed the Windows 7 Family Pack pricing, it made the comment that the Family Pack would be available "while supplies last." In the U.S, at least, those supplies are running out fast.

The Windows 7 Family Pack is a 3-PC installation package of Windows 7 Home Premium. As confirmed by WindowsITPro, the $149 three-pack is already sold out in many place. For example, look at and you'll see only third-party resellers are selling it, and those have pricing $100 more more above the $149 MSRP (it's called supply-and-demand).

Even with those prices, the three-pack pricing is slightly below buying three of the Windows 7 Home Premium Update packages (at $119.99 MSRP).

Despite popular demand and competition, Microsoft has never had a family pack option that's been more than a promotion, as here. Meanwhile, Apple has consistently offered a family pack for Mac OS X since 2002. That version covers a more generous five computers.