SuperTalent Partners With Toshiba On Super-Secure UltraDrive DX SSDs

SuperTalent has generally stuck to its own label when it came time to pump out a new slate of solid state drivers, but this time the company is tapping Toshiba for a little help. Just this past week, the company launched its co-branded UltraDrive DX SSDs that offer two levels of security to prevent unauthorized data theft or loss. The drives will share credit with Toshiba but will be sold through Super Talent’s North American retail and distribution channel.

Keen on keeping your data extra safe, these devices support password protection with an encrypted password, while a second level of security incorporates new hardware data randomization technology. If you're unclear on what exactly that is, here's a description: "Data randomization happens automatically with every write to the drive to prevent unauthorized copying of blocks of data. Both encrypted password protection and data randomization are standard features that do not affect performance."

As expected, the new UltraDrive DX SSDs include sophisticated ECC and wear leveling algorithms in order to increase reliability, and while these are admittedly built for security first (and speed second), the throughput isn't that bad, either. Each of the units support sequential read speeds of up to 230 MB/sec and sequential write speeds of up to 180 MB/sec, with sizes including 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB.