Superpower XP03P Case, ATi X800 Pro and More

Good morning everyone, welcome back to HotHardware. The news front is slowly starting to picking up steam after a sluggish weekend. However, we were able to dig up a few tasty articles for your reading pleasure. So, go grab a coffee and settle in. Here is your AM update...

 Superpower XP03P Gaming Case reviewed @

"Superpower has introduced a new case the model XP03P Gaming Case that reminds me of a cross between a Power Mac G5 and a Star Wars battle pack. On the outside it has some rather unique features like the grab and snatch handles located on the top and bottom of the case, as well as removable access side panels that maybe the easiest to remove of any case we have ever reviewed. But as we all know good looks alone do not make a great case. So come on along as we check it out and find out just how good it really is."

 ATI Radeon X800 Pro @ Viper Lair

"The X800 Pro is definitely no slouch. Smooth performance in most games with the image quality turned up and the resolution maxed is something to be proud of. Based on our results, we have no problems recommending this card to our readers. While some benchmarks have shown the 6800 GT to be faster, the actual gaming experiences with the X800 Pro were positive."

 LG GSA-4163B Triple Format Dual Layer DVD Writer @ ExtremeMHz

"I can honestly say that one of the most popular reviews here at ExtremeMHz was the LG GSA-4120B.  This one-of-a-kind triple format DVD writer gained quite a bit of interest since its release.  The successor to the 4120B was the 4160B, which did not bring enough new features worth an upgrade consideration.  LG Electronics has released their latest DVD writer, the GSA-4163B.  This new drive finally offers 4x double layer writing and should compete well with all other 4x double layer writers currently on the market.  We were very impressed with the previous 4100 series models but how well does this new drive perform?  We'll conduct a thorough review and do a comparison between older models.  Let's have a look..."

 Albatron PC6600GT @ Bytesector

"Today, I am proud to say that we have a review of their latest graphics card based upon nVidia's GeForce 6600 GT graphics processing unit. This graphics card sports the latest GDDR3, SLI support, TV-out, DVI and VGA out and, of course, it runs off the PCI-E bus. Well let's jump right in and see what this card looks like and what it can offer you in terms of performance and overclocking."

 Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 LGA775 P4 Heatpipe Cooler Review @

"Today I will be reviewing a rather unique cooling solution that boasts a quieter fan and from what the manufacturer is claiming, is a better and more efficient cooling solution for your new LGA775 processor. With a rather interesting fan and enough surface area to cool a toaster oven, let's see how this heatpipe based cooler performs while being attached to the Tweaknews testbed equipped with one of the hottest running processors on the the market, the Intel 3.46Ghz Extreme Edition."

 Sunbeam Tech Samurai ATX Case @ BigBruin.Com

"The Sunbeam Tech Samurai has 5 external 5 ¼" bays, 1 external 3 ½" bay and 4 internal 3 ½" bays. That is a lot of drive bays for a mid tower ATX case, plenty of room for multiple optical drives, fan controllers, lighting controllers, and of course hard drives... Because of the unique mask style of the door, there is plenty of room behind for even the largest fan controllers."

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