Superhot Is An Innovative, Time-Synched FPS Game That Breaks The Mold

Superhot Game

Many first-person shooters deliver constant action and give the player little time to stop and smell the roses. If this formula is tiring to you, then Superhot could be for you. You see, this game encourages stopping - it's the only way to get the enemies to hold their fire, after all.

If that sounds weird, it's because it kind of is. Superhot is a unique first-person shooter where letting go of the controls offers the same effect as pausing most games - all of the action is halted until you decide to move your character again. You might be able to understand what would make this intriguing - if a bullet is coming at you, you can simply stop what you're doing and analyze the next move.

That's an interesting mechanic, and one that will undoubtedly create a number of interesting situations in the game. By the looks of things, this is very much a trial-and-error game, where the only way to progress is through constant practice. That makes this a first-person shooter that's high on strategy - strategy that involves more than just cowering behind a corner.

SUPERHOT katanas

Yes, I did say "throwable katanas"

Posted by SUPERHOT on Friday, May 1, 2015

Superhot's developers tout the fact that this isn't a game that simply hands you success. There are no regenerating health bars, and no convenient ammo drops. Any weapon you end up using will be plucked from the hands of dead enemies.

While there doesn't seem to be official support for VR in Superhot, it wouldn't be surprising to see the developers make an appropriate version later, as the game looks like it'd be perfect for it. The environments are simple, and enemies are easy to spot.

VR or not, though, Superhot looks HOT enough to satiate our relentless gaming appetites.

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