Super Talent's UltraDrive SSD Performance Tool

We're not quite sure what to read into this, but Super Talent has quietly issued a firmware update that sounds an awful lot like the update Intel issued around this time last month. Surely you remember that, right? Essentially, Intel's otherwise fantastic X-25M and X-18M solid state drives were shown to degrade with time under very specific circumstances, though a fix issued by the company supposedly took care of that possibility.

Today, Super Talent -- a notable SSD manufacturer -- has announced that its line of UltraDrive SSDs is now shipping with a revised firmware (version 1370), which "enables improved performance when used with Microsoft Windows 7." Furthermore, it has made the update freely available to existing UltraDrive SSD owners. The real kicker, however, is the seperate "UltraDrive Performance Refresh Tool," which is said to allow users to "refresh their performance should they experience performance degradation associated with all SSDs when files become fragmented and data becomes stale."

Now, let's compare that line with the aforementioned Intel fix: "This firmware revision has several continuous improvement optimizations intended to provide the best possible user experience with the Intel SSD." Curious, no? At any rate, we're thrilled to see Super Talent on the offensive here, and we've yet to hear of any major issues with Super Talent SSDs. For what it's worth, we'd recommend grabbing this regardless of your situation, as the company asserts that the tool increases the maximum sequential read speed of both the UltraDrive ME and UltraDrive LE to 260GB/sec max and the sequential write performance of the UltraDrive ME to 200GB/sec max and the UltraDrive LE to 210GB/sec max. In other words, it makes those drives the "world's fastest SATA 3Gb/sec SSDs in the small 2.5" form factor."