Super Talent Outs Overclocked Quad-Channel DDR3 Memory

Another day, another monster memory kit. Super Talent announced the Quadra series of DDR3 memory, which is designed to complement Intel Core i7 six-core processors.

The overclocked kits, which total 32GB (8 x 4GB DIMMs) are validated with the X79 chipset and are available in 1600MHz or 1866MHz. Super Talent says the kits are available now, although we couldn’t find any for sale online.

Super Talent introduces Overclocked Quad Channel DDR3 Kits
A full 32GB of memory for gamers and enthusiasts

San Jose, California – February 3, 2012 – Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of NAND flash solutions, today announces their Quadra series, overclocked, quad-channel DDR3 memory kits, targeted at the extreme enthusiast market.

Gamers and enthusiasts already know about Intel’s i7-3960X 6-Core processors and now they are scrambling to find DRAM worthy of their new rig. The Quadra, DDR3 Quad-kits, come in 1600 MHz and 1866 MHz and pairs perfectly with the i7 processors, which now handles 4 channels of memory. By fully populating all 8 slots of memory with Super Talent’s 4GB DIMMs, users will experience reduced loading times with all their high-system-requirement programs. Now more time can be spent using a computer than waiting on it.

Validated using the X79 chipset, the 1600 MHz and 1866 MHz overclocking DDR3 DIMMs are now available either individually or as a kit of four modules. Visit to learn more or call us to see how you can experience an amazingly responsive system using the latest technology today!