Super Talent Offers SSD Upgrades For ASUS S101

ASUS' Eee PC S101 may be incredibly gorgeous, but what's the use in having good looks if you've no room to store anything? The US version of the aforesaid netbook comes with just 16GB of internal space, and evidently, Super Talent understands just how serious a travesty that really is.

Thus, said SSD maker is pumping out a new line of S101 replacement drives, giving owners the opportunity to double or quadruple the native storage capacity. The line, which was "specially designed as an upgrade for the ASUS Eee PC S101," contains a trifecta of models: the 16GB FPM16RSE, 32GB FPM32RSE and 64GB FPM64RSE. All three offer up a SATA interface and deliver 90MB/sec maximum sequential read speeds and up to 55 MB/sec write speeds. The whole lot is said to be shipping now for those with an itch to upgrade, with the top-end 64GB version demanding just $169.