Super Talent Now Shipping 8GB DDR3 R-DIMM Modules

Enterprise clients take note -- Super Talent has begun shipping its new 8GB Registered-ECC DDR3 DRAM modules, otherwise known as R-DIMMs, to support low-voltage Intel Westmere platforms. These 8GB modules adhere to the JEDEC standard of 1.35V and 1333MHz with latencies of 9-9-9.

"Going Green has always been associated with considerable trade-offs; not so with our new generation of 1.35V server memory. Our 8GB capacity boards enable higher capacity with higher efficiency and with a real measurable effect on operating costs," said CH Lee, COO of Super Talent.

The upshot, according to Super Talent, is that enterprise servers are able to elevate the total memory capacity while consuming less power and running cooler than if using other modules. How much so? Super Talent claims its new modules reduce memory power consumption by more than 20 percent when compared with traditional 1.5V DDR sticks, a significant difference when you start talking about data centers and the such.