Super Talent Issues Its Fastest 2.5" SSD Ever: TeraNova

New SSDs, anyone? Sure, why not? Super Talent has just unveiled their newest solid state drive, the TeraNova SSD. It's also the company's fastest SSD to data, a SATA3 product designed for super-duper small computers. There's also a SandForce 2200 processor with "optimized firmware," and the company claims that you'll see transfer rates of over 500MB/sec on both the read and write side. It'll be available in 60GB, 120GB, 240GB and 480GB sizes, with shipments starting today. Sadly, pricing remains a mystery.

Super Talent's SATA III TeraNova SSD

Boasts Blistering Fast Speeds & Enduring Reliability

San Jose, California - June 11, 2012 - Super Talent Technology, a leader of NAND Flash storage solutions, today announces their fastest 2.5" SSD to date, the SATA3 TeraNova.

For creative professionals seeking extreme performance killer response times, the TeraNova is the fastest 2.5" SSD that SuperTalent has released to date. Featuring the SATA3 Interface and SandForce 2200 processor with optimized firmware, the SuperTalent TeraNova was built for speed.

By optimizing the transfer rate at various queue depths, the TeraNova delivers excellent performance in unique environments. Sure the TeraNova boots quickly and posts outstanding benchmark scores (over 500 MB/s for both read and write), but the TeraNova also excels in general responsiveness. Industry standard applications like: Photoshop, Premier, Miya and 3DS Max, load, render and perform much faster when compared to countless other SSDs available on the market. The TeraNova also includes new features that enhance longevity as well. In the event of a sudden power loss, the TeraNova impulsively reacts, protecting valuable data from corruption before the loss of power.

If you are looking to improve workstation productivity across the board, the new TeraNova is the superior choice.

Available in 60, 120, 240 and 480GB capacities, the TeraNova begins shipping today.