Super Talent Intros 6TB SSD-Based PCIe RAIDDrive

Super Talent is at it again on the SSD front, this time trotting out a new heavy-duty workstation with up to 6TB (yes, terabytes!) of speedy solid state storage. The newly announced PCIe RAIDDrive Workstation taps into the company's RAIDSSD technology and is based on Intel's quad-core Core i7 CPUs and Super Talent's 1333MHz DDR3 DIMMs.

The PCIe RAIDDrive Workstations scale up 6TB in a Workstation Tower form factor, and the company claims that it can hit sustained sequential read rates of over 1.5GB/sec and sequential write rates of nearly 1.35GB/sec. Further testing showed a random read speed of 725MB/sec and random write speed of 515MB/sec. Of course, these systems certainly aren't for "normal" consumers, but we suppose anyone with a desire for 6TB of SSD storage and a wallet the size of a small corporation could indulge. Expect more details surrounding price and release to emerge next month at Computex.

CH Lee, COO Super Talent, had this to say about the new product: "Providing system level solutions is a very important milestone for our company.  In modern enterprise computing memory and disk architectures have become a major differentiator in system performance.  We leveraged our years of expertise in designing and producing world class DRAM and SSD products to provide PCIe RAIDDrive Workstations for our customers.  We hope to help the SSD industry extend its market penetration into the enterprise server market."