Super Talent Dips Into Industrial SSD Market

While there's no denying that the solid state drive arena is still growing (in leaps and bounds, we'd argue), Super Talent has yet to become a huge brand name that measures up to the likes of WD and Seagate in terms of name recognition. That said, the company is sure doing its best to change that with a torrent of new drives. Just a few months after showcasing new MasterDrive SSDs, Super Talent has announced a new line of IDE flash disk modules (FDMs), primarily developed for embedded computing applications, that deliver unmatched reliability and fast transfer speeds.

Put simply, these new IDE FDMs bring about a new high performance SSD solution to the embedded market. According to the firm, these are made first and foremost for extreme reliability in embedded computing applications. They incorporate a standard IDE hard drive interface and use solid state NAND flash as the storage media; with no moving parts, these FDMs will have a long worry-free usable life in harsh manufacturing environments where hard drives would not survive, such as areas exposed to high levels of dust, shock, vibration or extreme temperatures.

This line of FDMs supports sequential read speeds up to 80 MB/sec and sequential write speeds up to 60 MB/sec (SLC models) or up to 40 MB/sec (MLC products). The company offers different models using 40- and 44-pin female IDE connectors in both horizontal and vertical formats. So yeah, just in case the commercial market dips, now Super Talent has the industrial market in its sights. We always heard diversification was crucial.