Super Talent Debuts PCI Express SSD RAIDDrive

Please Super Talent, let this not be a joke. Here on the always comical first day of April, Super Talent has announced its reaction to Fusion-io's ioDrive and OCZ's Z Drive: the patented RAIDDrve. Put simply, this is Super Talent's own PCI Express-based SSD solution, designed to bring quick, durable SSD functionality straight to the motherboard via the lightning fast PCI Express bus interface.

The device is positioned as an extension of its RAIDSSD product line, and it supports upwards of 2TB of MLC or SLC NAND Flash. It also features a turbocharged DRAM Cache and full battery backup to protect your data in case of power failure. Said devices connect through a PCIe Gen. 2.0 x8 interface and are capable of delivering sequential read speeds of up to 1.2GB/second, sequential write speeds of up to 1.3GB/second. If you're looking for more details beyond that (like pricing), you'll have to wait until the full gamut of specifications are released in June.

Optionally, buyers of the card can configure the drives with an internal RAID5 capability to deliver an extra level of data protection for mission critical applications.

SuperTalent is releasing three families of RAIDDrives with features optimized for different market segments:

·        RAIDDrive ES - Enterprise Servers performing compute intensive applications such as database transaction processing, business intelligence, and virtualization. 

·        RAIDDrive WS - Workstation users performing tasks including animation, video editing, oil and gas exploration, CAD/EDA simulation, and scientific computing,

·        RAIDDrive GS - Gamers looking to supercharge their IO Subsystem