Super Nintendo World Theme Park Gets Its First DLC And It's Donkey Kong Country

super nintendo world donkey kong hero
Universal Japan’s Super Nintendo World will be getting its first new area, based on the Donkey Kong Country franchise. This new area will come to the Osaka, Japan based theme park in the Spring of 2024. It will be a space with a lot of greenery, pulling inspiration from the jungle themes found throughout the popular game series.

One of the rides fans will be able to enjoy is called Mine Cart Madness. Nintendo describes the ride as an opportunity for gamers to “hop into a mine cart and go for a thrilling ride through the jungle! You'll even leap across a collapsed track! This series of unpredictable thrills will make you scream with excitement! Join Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in this race through the jungle on a wild adventure to protect the Golden Banana from the Tiki Tak Tribe!”

super nintendo world donkey kong body

There will also be a large variety of merchandise visitors will be able to pick up. There will be DK Barrels that are made to hold candy or coins, which can conveniently hold the chocolates in the shape of golden coins that will also be available for purchase. Donkey Kong themed headbands that are similar to the Mickey Mouse ears that Disney offers its guests can also be purchased.

Unfortunately, fans who can’t make it out to Japan will need to wait and see if Universal and Nintendo decide to bring this same area to the Los Angeles, CA based park or the Orlando, FL park that is yet to be opened. It might be that they decide to go in a different direction at each individual park.