Super Mario Odyssey To Gain Balloon World DLC With Quasi-Multiplayer Support

Back when Super Mario Odyssey was originally announced, the game wasn't expected to get any DLC to bring new features and gameplay modes. As it turns out that wasn't exactly true; Nintendo Direct announced this morning that DLC would be rolling for the game at no additional cost. The DLC doesn't involve a new world before you get too excited.

baloon world ml

The new content includes some new outfits and a new gamely mode. The new mode is called Balloon World and it will feature asynchronous online multiplayer gameplay. The new mode is only available to players who have finished the main story of the game.

baloon world outfit

One version of the new mode allows players 30 seconds to find balloons that other players have hidden. Players will also get to enjoy some new filters for the in-game camera. The new outfits include one called "Sunshine Shades & Outfit" and has Mario in a sunny shirt with sunglasses on. Another new outfit is "Musician Hat & Outfit" looking like something one might wear to a jazz club. The last of the new outfits is "Knight Helmet & Armor" and the name explains what you get there. Super Mario Odyssey was a massive hit for Nintendo selling faster than Zelda for a while.