Super Mario Bros. Movie Drops A Catchy Plumbing Commercial With Easter Eggs, Watch Here

super mario bros plumbing
Do any of you remember those awful and awkward rapping commercials for random local businesses in the late 1980s and early 1990s? Illumination, the studio behind the new Super Mario Bros. Movie, seems to remember them. A new trailer disguised as a commercial for the "Super Mario Bros. Plumbing" business has dropped ahead of the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie.

The studio released that new trailer in a move that may remind some Mario fans of the classic animated series Super Mario Bros. Super Show. The nostalgia trip may be because the video includes the "Mario Rap" from the 1989 show Super Mario Brothers Super Show, which starred Lou Albano as Mario and Danny Wells as Luigi for both live-action and animated segments.

While the rap is that of the classic show, the trailer's visuals have been modified to fit today's era and include the computer animation Illumination has been using for the film. It features the Mario Brothers, Mario Mario (yes, that's his name, it's canon), and Luigi Mario in a service van related to their plumbing business. A small cut of a toy version of the service van is flicked on a map from Brooklyn to Queens.

Eagle-eyed viewers may notice a few key elements on this map that may be references to Nintendo properties. Players can see Luck Cards Street in Brooklyn and 1889th Street in Queens, Nintendo started as a playing card company in 1889. 1889th Street intersects with Hanfuda Ave., Nintendo's first product were Hanafuda cards, so Hanfuda may be an intentional misspelling. South of Luck Cards Street in Brooklyn is a map dot that says "Punch Out" the popular boxing title for the Famicom/NES and arcades. Southeast of that is a dot indicating "Mushroom Planet", which was an actual planet that only existed in the 1989 television show. In Queens, Link Street intersects with Mansion Street, which then connects to Ghost Street. With Link being a reference to The Legend of Zelda, and it is possible that Mansion and Ghost Streets are a reference to Luigi's Mansion. There are likely more that we missed, so sound off in the comments below if you spot any more!

Super Mario Bros. Plumbing Commercial

At the end of the trailer, viewers are shown a phone number, with a New York City area code, and a website for the plumbing business. Users have attempted to text and call the number, which is actually hooked up. Calling the number presents the users with an audio recording of Luigi, voiced by Charlie Day, with background road noise, including a car horn. The message delivered by Luigi is to text the number "if you need service." The most interesting part of the message is that Luigi outlines the types of housing that the brothers will provide service to, and one such domicile is a "mansion," likely a nod to the Luigi's Mansion series. Sending a text provides a user with an image for the "Family Owned Business," a contact Card to add to mobile phone contacts, and the ability to join the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing Community.

Taking a trip to on "the world wide web," as Luigi puts it in the voice message, shows us a website that looks to have taken a little inspiration from late 90s and early 2000s websites. Filled with images and clickable items, visitors to the website get to enjoy imagery and audio from throughout the franchise. The website is incomplete, though it seems intentional as per the design. There is a "broken link," which takes visitors to a 404 page in which they can click on three different pipes, each triggering a different pipe-travel sound.

bowser super mario bros poster
Poster for The Super Mario Bros. Movie from Nintendo and Illumination

There is a lot to unpack here. Is Luigi going to be visiting a mansion in the new film? Is the trailer some indication as to when the film takes place? Is the intro to the movie going to be similar to the 1989 show where the live action portion is set in Brooklyn? We're waiting with bated breath to find out more. It looks like a lot more is to come, and we'll happily take all we can get.