Super LoiLoScope, CUDA-Enabled HD Video Editing

New Version of Super LoiLoScope Makes HD Video Editing Quick And Easy With NVIDIA CUDA-Enabled GPUs

Super LoiLoScope Editing Software Edits, Plays and Outputs Full HD Movies at Incredible Speed on NVIDIA GeForce GPUs

April 8th, 2009 - LoiLo Inc. (Kanagawa, Fujisawa City, CEO: Koji Sugiyama) has released Super LoiLoScope MARS, a new version of the company’s easy to use video editing software that makes editing high definition (HD) movies accessible for the average consumer. By using the parallel processing power of NVIDIA GeForce CUDA-enabled GPUs, Super LoiLoScope MARS creates movie files up to 10 times fasteri than CPU powered encoders, dramatically lowering the cost of a PC powerful enough to edit high definition content.

“Most amateur videographers will attest that playing, editing and rendering HD movies on an average personal computer was a frustrating task that took an exorbitant amount of time,” said Koji Sugiyama, CEO of LoiLo inc. “Super LoiLoScope MARS lets you edit full resolution HD movies quickly and output files for playback on various devices, and the web at incredible speed thanks to NVIDIA.”

Super LoiLoScope MARS has an intuitive and easy to understand user interface that makes it ideal for aspiring movie makers of all ages to create movies, regardless of their technical knowledge. Despite its unassuming interface, Super LoiLoScope MARS is a powerful movie creation software package with a list of new features that includes:

  • GPU accelerated H.264 encoding
  • Movie output up to 10x faster with NVIDIA CUDA enabled GPUs
  • Editing & playback of AVCHD HD movies at full HD resolution (1920x1080)
  • Magnet output which enables output of multiple movies at once
  • A simple new interface for saved projects
  • Faster image editing
  • A Search button for original files of thumbnails
  • Support for 9 languages, including: Japanese, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and simple Chinese.
  • Support for MP4, iPod, PSP, AVCHD, mp4 for Blu-ray, and Youtube HD movie formats

The MARS version for Super LoiLoScope uses the NVIDIA CUDA computing engine found inside NVIDIA GPUs to encode, decode and playback high-quality, high definition movie files quickly.

“The beauty of Super LoiLoScope MARS is its speed and simplicity,” said Michael Steele, general manager of Visual Consumer Solutions at NVIDIA. “Its innovative interface makes advanced video editing understandable for the masses, and Loilo is yet another example of a mainstream consumer application tapping the tremendous power of GPU computing.”

For more information on Super LoiLoScope MARS or to download a free trail version, visit Loilo’s website at Users who are already using LoiLoScope will receive an automatic update to enable CUDA support. A video of the software in action is available below...