Super Geek Scores Guinness World Record For Largest Video Game Collection

Think you've got game? Then you should probably look away. While collectors around the globe have long since bragged about owning more than anyone else when it comes to any given category of items, there's now one man to beat when it comes to the idea of collecting the most video games. Michael Thomasson seems like a pretty stand-up 31-year old gentleman, but he has something else to be proud of: he has amassed 10,607 video games, but he is actually beyond that figure since earning a Guinness World Record.

That's right: he now has a world record to prove that his collection of games is larger than that of anyone else residing on this planet. Thomasson stated: "I have games on cartridge, laser disc. I have VHS-based games, cassette-based games." He lives in Buffalo, New York, and while you may assume that he's just collecting for the fun of it, he's actually a tried-and-true gamer at heart.

What's wild is just how careful he was in building his collection. He has averaged two games per day on a "strict $3000 per year budget" since he started to rebuild his game collection, with the price estimate on the entire thing ranging between $700,000 and $800,000 according to its owner. Not surprisingly, he hasn't had time to play every single game -- he's a father, after all -- but he does design and teach game animation at a nearby college. Like most employed dads, he says he only finds around three hours per week to play.

The prior record stood at 8,616 games, and if you're looking to break the new one, you better get to buying.