Sunbeam Trio Case, XFX 7800GTX SLI, and more!

Hey folks! If this is your first visit for the day, I'd like to bring your attention to Jeff's review of the 3RSystems R900 Computer Case. This case is a beast, so if your running low on space inside your case, you might want to check it out. Goodnight all.

3RSystems R900 Computer Case

"Expansion The R900 has an elegant look. The case is also backed with several extras, helping to expand the features of the R900. Probably considered the more important item is the Dual PSU connector which helps two power supplies work in tandem. The feed accepts a 20-Pin ATX power supply and converts it to a 24-Pin ATX power connector. The sub-connector accepts a second 20-Pin ATX power supply, which doesn't actually feed the motherboard, but instead allows the other supply to power up at the same time as the primary PSU."

Sunbeam Trio Case Review @ XYZ Computing

"To reiterate my earlier point- Sunbeam is not much of an innovator. What they do excel at is at delivering inexpensive products that offer a lot of bang-for-your-buck and most of the features consumers are looking for. Their Trio enclosure has everything you would expect from a midtower case under $80 (except for an intake fan) and even throws in a power supply... Considering the price of the Trio it is hard to say too much is wrong about it."

PDP Systems Patriot PC3200 XBLK @ Viperlair

"PDP Systems with its introduction of Patriot Memory XBLK line takes dead aim at the DDR enthusiasts. They bring to market tight timings and flexible VDimm requirements to allow you to stretch the usability of a PC3200 Module to that of a PC4200 Module. A well done introduction into the market space, giving us yet another vendor for serious consideration when choosing our memory."

XFX 7800GTX SLI Video Card Review @

"The new PCIe 7800GTX from XFX is a superb combination of performance and package contents. In SLI mode these cards have no peer. As a single card solution, 1280X1024 resolutions are handled easily with all the features turned to maximum, so games look, and play amazing."

Akasa AK862 CPU Cooler Review @ nVnews

"The Akasa AK862 proved to be a viable substitute for the Athlon 64 retail HSF. Although the PaxPower 92mm fan generated a noise level comparable to the retail HSF when operating at full speed, the unit provided a 13% reduction in CPU temperature."

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