StudioGPU and AMD Start Strategic Relationship

StudioGPU and AMD Enter Into Strategic Relationship

AMD Bolsters its Commitment to the Professional Graphics Workstation Market with Investment in Real-time 3D Workflow Innovation

Los Angeles, Calif., - StudioGPU, a pioneer in real-time 3D CG workflow solutions today announced it has entered into a strategic relationship with AMD (NYSE: AMD). Terms of the relationship between StudioGPU and AMD were not released.

The two companies plan to work in a collaborative effort to design an optimized hardware and software solution to deliver real-time 3D workflow advantages enabling customers to enjoy greatly reduced render times—from hours-to-minutes, and even minutes-to-seconds. AMD and StudioGPU are specifically dedicated to time and cost savings for digital content creation (DCC) artists and technical directors (TDs) working in the 3D games, visual effects, computer assisted design (CAD), pre-and-post design visualization, and the film and broadcast industries.

MachStudio Pro software from StudioGPU and the ATI FireGL V8650 3D graphics workstation accelerator card will be offered to customers as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) bundle deal from StudioGPU.

Innovative Real-Time Graphics Processor Acceleration
The most expensive, time-consuming bottleneck of any 3D production workflow is inadequate processing power for digital content creation, editing, and rendering. When faced with extremely large 3D animation, games, and pre/post-visualization projects that have complex lighting, texture and visual elements—studios must either outsource to third-party render farm businesses, or invest heavily on in-house rendering assets. StudioGPU is changing the playing field. Artists and TDs will no longer have to rely on central processor unit (CPU)-based render farms. They will be able to leverage the power of the Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) in desktop workstations to easily make real-time lighting, content, and composition changes without losing their artistic vision.

“StudioGPU understands that artists and technical directors work with extremely high-resolution 3D imagery and are burdened with the spectre of long rendering time requirements that is both expensive and time consuming,” said David Koenig, President and CEO of StudioGPU. “Today we are excited to announce our relationship with AMD to leverage the dizzying graphics horsepower of the ATI FireGL V8650 card along with our innovative real-time workflow and rendering technology in MachStudio Pro. Together—this combination is sure to empower any size production facility to realize screaming real-time performance and meet production deadlines on time and on budget.”

“AMD is the only company in a position to tap into the combined processing power of today’s CPUs and GPUs to deliver superior workstation solutions. Our new technology partnership with StudioGPU demonstrates our shared commitment to delivering technology that optimizes the speed and effectiveness of creating high-quality visualizations for everything from animation, film effects and game development to architecture and product design,” said Dirk Meyer, AMD CEO. “The performance workstation market is a key business opportunity for AMD and our customers, and together with StudioGPU, we aim to bring solutions to market that deliver superior value without breaking cost-conscious production and technology budgets.”

“AMD is committed to innovations that deliver solid value to our customers in the professional graphics market,” said Rick Bergman, Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Graphics Product Group, AMD. “The combination of the StudioGPU software and the ATI FirePro graphics accelerator is designed to enable our customers to deliver exciting content in record time.”