Stolen MSI GeForce 7900 GS Cards Surface

It seems a relatively large quantity of GeForce 7900 GS cards had been stolen from MSI while in transit, and they have since surfaced for sale on-line. There's no word on exactly how many of the stolen cards are out there, but it was a large enough quantity that MSI has made a statement on their corporate website...

"We have recently found that our VGA cards as below image with green PCB had been stolen during transportation. We also found out that there are some unknown company and person selling those stolen VGA cards on website such as auction. Please be advised that those VGA cards are pilferage and there will be no warranty on those VGA cards. We strongly suggest you not to purchase the aforementioned VGA cards."

MSI won't be supporting the stolen cards, which are all based on a green PCB, so if you see a deal on MSI GeForce 7900 GS cards that seems to good to be true, it probably is.

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