Stephanopoulos To Interview McCain Via Twitter

Let's face it -- Twitter couldn't possibly be bigger right now. Practically everyone at SXSW is using it by the minute, it's pulling in new funds during a tight credit crunch and even a politician that was born long, long before the advent of the Internet is about to do an interview on it. Life's good in the Twitterverse, and it's about to get serious at noon eastern time today.

ABC News' George Stephanopoulos is gearing up to conduct an entire interview with the Republican party's most recent presidential nominee, and there will be no special provisions to circumvent the 140 character limit. So far as we know, they'll be no cameras recording either of them, and the only way to tune in will be to follow along via Twitter. There's no indication of exactly how long the interview is supposed to be, but it seems to us it'll either be kept short and sweet in the interest of time or it will be drug out long into the day as the 140 character limit prevents full bodied discussion.

In fact, it will be quite interesting to see just how detailed and specific McCain's replies are. Mr. Stephanopoulos has it easy -- it's pretty simple to ask a question in 140 characters or less; it's pretty tough to adequately respond in the same amount. Frankly, we hope this is more of a fad than anything. We're not quite ready to begin lowering our standards in order to digest thoughts in one sentence chunks.

Fire up and follow @SenJohnMcCain and @GStephanopoulos at 12:00PM ET.