SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Mouse Says It Can Hang With Anything Wired, Synch Your Settings And Look Hot Too

Not too long after SteelSeries released its original Sensei in 2011, I realized that it was a mouse I could spend the rest of my life with. A bit later, I adopted a [RAW] variant for my second PC. Overall, I consider both of them to be stellar mice - some of the best ever made. Of course though, no product is perfect, and one big complaint I've always had is that the software could be better (mostly regarding macros), and I really wanted to see a wireless version. I am not so sure about the former, but the latter is happening, and it's happening soon.

SteelSeries is promising some big things with its Sensei Wireless, touting up front, "Ditch the wires, keep the performance". That tackles one of the biggest complaints about wireless mice - most people just don't want to bother with them because they're often unreliable, and don't perform quite as well. Of course, there's also the problem of battery-life.

The Sensei Wireless seems to match the original Sensei in the specs department, with a 1000Hz/1ms polling rate topping the list, support for up to 8200 "max counts per inch", switches that last 30 million clicks, and LEDs that can be configured with up to 16.8 million colors.

New to the Sensei Wireless (and hopefully added to some of SteelSeries' other products in the future) is cloud-based profile storage. This kind of feature is often targeted at those who move their mouse to other computers a lot, but realistically, the number of people that do that is crazy small. For everyone else, though, it'll be nice to know that your profiles are safe-and-sound after an OS reinstall, because often, people will overlook backing up this kind of software before doing that (me included).

Included with the mouse is an illuminated dock that the mouse can be placed on when you're done with it for the night. It's not mentioned how long the mouse will take to charge, but with its balanced profile, it will last 16 hours on a single charge. If that's not long enough, a battery-save mode can be used with boosts the total time to 20.

Admittedly, that battery-life rating isn't that impressive, but given the fact that this mouse is all about performance, it seems like a fair enough compromise, and it sure doesn't stop me from wanting one.