SteelSeries Reveals Configurable Sensei Gaming Mouse

When it comes to gaming mice, it's important to pick a device that matches the hand well. After all, losing those deathmatches comes down the player, their connection, and their mouse.

SteelSeries is a big name amongst the hardcore fraggers, and the company's latest contraption is definitely one of its finest. The new Sensei is equipped with a 32-bit ARM processor (making it is as fast as the original Pentium 75MHz processor released by Intel in 1994), and is capable of doubling its sensitivity as well.

Users will find 3 different zones on the Sensei (the wheel, the DPI indicator and the back) that can be programmed individually in 16.8 million different colors, and those that don’t like lights can turn them off altogether. There's also a new non-slip metal coating the ambidextrous mouse along with its 7 ergonomically placed, programmable buttons, and the built-in driver can be adjusted through an LCD menu on the backside of the mouse.

The mouse ships next month for $89.99 / €89.99, and those interested in witnessing the 'making-of' can have a look at the video below.


Designed and Tested with Professional Gaming Teams, the New Mouse is Equipped with Superior Technology Features and Layers of Personalized Options Found on Both the Hardware and the New SteelSeries Engine Software

COLOGNE, Germany - GAMESCOM – Aug. 11, 2011 – SteelSeries, the leading manufacturer of premium-quality peripherals, today introduced the most customizable mouse to ever hit the competitive gaming industry - the SteelSeries Sensei. Its 32 bit ARM processor allows for the advanced SteelSeries ExactTech calculations to be done directly on the mouse and allows for easy configurations via its LCD screen.  Perfected with the world’s most successful, professional gaming teams, the Sensei has an ambidextrous design with a metal, non-slip grip coating and three areas of illumination with16.8 million color options. Debuting alongside the mouse is the new SteelSeries Engine software suite which allows for multiple layers of customization and extended programmability.

“We truly believe in building peripherals that sets the expected standards for competitive gamers. The intent is to make them faster, more accurate and allow them to play longer – essentially, peripherals that gives users the freedom to play how and where they want, and that will help them win,” said Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries CEO. “The Sensei is really the culmination of thousands of hours of research and testing with competitive players that combines a distinctive aesthetic design with the access to superior functionality for all levels of players. Users will have the luxury of choosing a quick configuration directly on the Sensei’s LCD screen or dive into the multiple layers of advanced macros and settings through the new SteelSeries Engine software.”

The Master of Customization

The Sensei features a state of the art 32 bit ARM processor which allows for both ninja-esque speed and precision; true hardware based sensitivity settings from 1 to 5,700 CPI, and an “overclocked” Double CPI feature that allows the user to go all the way up to 11,400 DCPI - a setting that is ideal for multiple monitor use. SteelSeries’ industry leading ExactTech settings, such as ExactSens, ExactAccel, and ExactAim, can be calculated directly on the hardware, which leaves the user with a mouse that is completely free of any interpolation or extrapolation, delay, filtering and without using up memory or resources on the user’s computer. The laser sensor boasts 10.8 megapixel image correlation at up to 12,000 frames per second and the ability to handle tracking movements of up to 150 inches per second.


As the first in SteelSeries competitive line of mice to include illumination options, the Sensei hosts three areas of illumination – at the wheel, CPI indicator and at the SteelSeries logo, in 16.8 million color options including an OFF setting. The illumination can help provide specific functions like different colors for specific profiles.

Optimized Design and Grip

A new, non-slip grip, metal coating encases the Sensei, while its ambidextrous shape makes all 8 ergonomically placed buttons comfortably reachable for all three grip styles – palm, claw and swipe. Connecting to the computer through a gold-plated USB, its double-braided nylon cord is meant to withstand serious punishment, from aggressive tournament pulls to tangles and even animal chews.

To ensure maximum performance in all gaming scenarios SteelSeries enlisted help from world-class StarCraft® II, Counter-Strike®, QUAKE® Live, DotA™, League of Legends™, Heroes of Newerth™, WarCraft® III and Doom® players who helped with the testing and refinement of the Sensei. They provided input on everything from grip styles to the needs for customizable technology; the Sensei evolved from hours of game-play.

The Power of SteelSeries Engine Software

While the Sensei is able to be configured without the need for software drivers it is also SteelSeries’ first mouse that can be powered by the new SteelSeries Engine software. It’s up to the user to decide how much customization they want or need; SteelSeries is purely supplying the possibilities.  The SteelSeries Engine can allow users to:

1.     Manage multiple devices. Beginning with the SteelSeries Sensei, users can configure all of their peripherals to work together in one managed location – for cohesive peripheral use.

2.     Easily configure their settings. The effortless drag-and-drop, easy to navigate features and directions make the software well-suited for all levels.

3.     Create profiles. Users can quickly activate multiple profiles for peripherals from different characters in one game to multiple profiles in all of the games and programs they’re using.

4.     Improve set-up through statistics. Users will be able to record sessions and identify how to improve their button layout and macro settings through a visual heat map of the users peripheral.

5.     Have the freedom to play. The SteelSeries Engine makes the Sensei as customizable as technologically possible. The software will even recognize what game a user is playing and will open the appropriate, saved profile. It allows the user to have complete control on how their mouse can function.

For more information and details about SteelSeries Engine software and what other SteelSeries peripherals will be compatible, go to

The SteelSeries Sensei will be available starting in September 2011 for $89.99 / €89.99 MSRP. For more details about the SteelSeries Sensei features, be sure to check out Follow our social media communities on Facebook and Twitter for updates on availability, contests and new products.  
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