SteelSeries NP+ Mouse Keeps On Tracking Even After Spills

Are you a hardcore gamer? Of course you are--otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this right now. But when we ask if you're a "hardcore gamer," we aren't just kidding around. If you don't consider yourself amongst the most dedicated out there, you probably won't find much to like in SteelSeries' latest device.

The new NP+ Mousepad is unlike anything we've ever seen or heard about, and while we have certainly played with a few nice mousing surfaces in our LAN party days, we can't say we ever came across one like this. It's designed to be both water and stain resistant, which means that you can safely toss it around without worry at any gaming party. The pressure-compressed fibers give the pad a tough, rough glide, and it was engineered to provide a great response while being resistant to typical elements.

It will be on sale in Europe starting in March for 24.99 Euros, and we assume that a US version will follow shortly.

"We work with a number of professional gamers that have a wide assortment of preferences when it comes to the surface they're playing on or the level of glide and friction they prefer, said Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries CEO. "The SteelSeries NP+ was designed for those that prefer a rough glide and large area surface. The water and stain resistant material makes this surface, our most unique textile mousepad."

Unlike any other surface that SteelSeries offers, the SteelSeries NP+ is specifically targeted for gamers that prefer a medium to rough glide and higher level of mouse to surface friction. Regardless of their preference, users can effectively operate an optical or laser mouse on the 17.7 x 15.7 surface. Its non-slip rubber base provides a firm grip and prevents the pad from sliding no matter what surface the SteelSeries NP+ is placed on.